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New Nitoseal High Performance PU Construction Sealants

29th May 2019

New Nitoseal High Performance PU Construction Sealants

New additions to our Fosroc Nitoseal Sealants range have officially launched, with two new high-performance polyurethane sealants, Nitoseal PU250 & Nitoseal PU400. Nitoseal PU250 is a high-performance construction sealant for vertical exterior and interior applications, whilst Nitoseal PU400 is a high-performance sealant for construction joints, trafficable and water immersed applications.

For people familiar with our Emer-Seal range, Nitoseal PU250 replaces Emer-Seal PU25, whilst Nitoseal PU400 replaces Emer-Seal PU40. Both Nitoseal PUs have easier and faster gunning rates and improved consistency, plus less stringiness when tooling when compared with the equivalent Emer-Seal product.

Nitoseal PU250 uses:

  • Sealing joints in concrete panels, cement products, blockwork, and brickwork
  • Sealing joints in window frames and between metal
  • Sealing joints in concrete floors and pavements

Nitoseal PU400 uses:

  • For sealing trafficable floor joints, metal or concrete water retaining structures
  • Sealing joints in metal frame building assembly, cover plates, covering bolt joints and pipe penetrations in walls and floors
  • Suitable as a sealant or adhesive

Take a look at the product fact sheets to learn more about the product features and performance characteristics:

Nitoseal PU250 Fact Sheet

Nitoseal PU400 Fact Sheet

Visit the product pages (Nitoseal PU250 and Nitoseal PU400), contact your Fosroc Account Manager, or call us on 0800 657 156 if you'd like advice on whether these sealants are suitable for your next job.