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Expoband 110

Highly flexible, chemically resistant, joint bandage membrane system

Previously known as Emer-Band. 


Expoband 110 is designed to be bonded over movement joints or cracks in a structure to prevent the ingress of water and chemicals. Used to seal joints in car park decks, podiums, balconies, walkways and other elevated structures, where the Expoband 110 can be protected from mechanical
damage by a cover plate. It can also be used for over-strapping joints in basements, subways, tunnels, refineries and substructures in general.
Expoband 110 can also be used on silos, roofs as well as water immersed applications such as tanks, sewers, reservoirs, pipelines and swimming pools where the joint movement may exceed the capability of conventional gun applied elastomeric sealants.


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