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Nitoseal SC800

Nitoseal SC800

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High movement silicone rubber joint sealant.

Previously known as Emer-Seal Roadseal.



Nitoseal SC800 is a one-part, gun applied, silicone rubber joint sealant designed to effectively seal joints in concrete roads, runways, carparks and pavements. The low modulus characteristics of Nitoseal SC800 allow it to accommodate cyclic joint movements of plus 100% and minus 50%. Nitoseal SC800 is designed to be applied to joints between concrete pavements in order to prevent running water from undermining the pavement. Nitoseal SC800 also serves to prevent stones from being deposited in the joints which would otherwise lock. the joints and restrict the free thermal movement of adjacent pavement segments.


Sealing joints in:

  • Concrete roads & pavements
  • ¬†Bridge decks and car parks
  • Aircraft runways and aprons


  • Ready to use
  • Easy contractor application
  • No mixing required
  • Fast rate of cure
  • Excellent adhesion to clean dry concrete
  • Excellent weathering - UV and ozone resistant
  • Dispensed from a bulk container by hand or air powered pump
  • Large joint movement accommodation

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