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Conbextra EP10

Conbextra EP10

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A highly fluid epoxy grout for dynamic/repetitive load applications gap width between 0.25-10mm.

Conbextra EP10 is a low viscocity epoxy grout for situations where heavy dynamic or mobile loads are encountered. It is ideal for grouting in small gaps between a base plate and substrate which needs filling and the structural load be uniformly distributed. Typical applications are reciprocating machinery, testing equipment, heavy crane and transporter rails, high speed turbines, centrifuges and drop forges. Also for use in conditions where chemical spillage may be encountered. Typical situations could be met in steelworks, refineries, electroplating works and chemical plants. Due to the low viscocity of Conbextra EP10 it can be used to fill hairline cracks in concrete slabs from 0.25mm and upwards on horizontal surfaces using a gravity fed method and can be pressure injected into cracks down to 0.10mm.

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