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Emer Decorative & Protective Coating System

 Emer Decorative & Protective Coating System

Emer offers the complete decorative and protective coating system solution including concrete repairs, sealants, waterproofing and membrane coatings.

A new Emer range website is currently under construction. In the meantime you can find details of our full Emer range below. If you need further assistance please contact the Parchem Customer Service team on 1300 737 787 or sales@parchem.com.au.

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The Emer-Proof system is a range of waterproofing products ideal for balconies, podiums and soil contact surfaces.

Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Landscape

High performance water based rubberised bitumen waterproofing membrane with root penetration inhibitor.

Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Landscape TDS

Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Landscape SDS (AUS)

Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Landscape Spec Clause


Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Advanced

Highly flexible Class III, water based polyurethane waterproofing membrane.

Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Advanced TDS

Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Advanced SDS (AUS & NZ)

Emer-Proof Advanced Aqua Barrier Advanced - UV Exposed Spec Clause

Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Advanced - UV Protected Spec Clause


Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Quick Dry

Fast drying flexible two component polymer modified cementitious waterproofing membrane.

Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Quick Dry TDS

Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Quick Dry Part A SDS (AUS)

Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Quick Dry Part B SDS (AUS)

Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Quick Dry Spec Clause


Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Vapour Control

Water borne epoxy membrane and barrier for porous surfaces.

Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Vapour Control TDS

Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Vapour Control Part A SDS (AUS)

Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Vapour Control Part B SDS (AUS)


Emer-Proof Top Coat UV Protect 

Water based acrylic hybrid membrane top coat for UV exposed applications

Emer-Proof Top Coat UV Protect TDS

Emer-Proof Top Coat UV Protect SDS (AU & NZ)


Emer-Proof Non Porous Primer

Water-based primer for non-porous substrates

Emer-Proof Non Porous Primer TDS

Emer-Proof Non Porous Primer SDS (AUS & NZ)


Emer-Proof Primer Porous

Fast drying single component primer for porous surfaces.

Emer-Proof Primer Porous TDS

Emer-Proof Primer Porous SDS (AUS & NZ)


Emer-Proof EJB Tape

Superior sealing system for critical areas over traditional bondbreaking sealants and tapes

Emer-Proof EJB Tape TDS


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Facade Preparation and Coating System

Emer-Clad is a decorative and protective membrane facade coating system. The Emer-Clad system can be applied to a wide range of substrates including concrete, render, masonry, fibrous cement products, metals and timber.   

Emer-Clad Preparation Patch Repair 

High build, medium weight concrete patch repair mortar

Emer-Clad Preparation Patch Repair is for concrete repairs where its light weight nature and high build characteristics makes it ideal for vertical and overhead repair work prior to the application of Emer-Clad Facade top coat.

Emer-Clad Preparation Patch Repair TDS

Emer-Clad Preparation Patch Repair SDS (AUS)


Emer-Clad Prepartion Skim Coat

Cementitious fairing mortar (0mm to 3mm thickness) to cover concrete surface imperfections.

Emer-Clad Preparation Skim Coat is a cementitious fairing coat designed for application in thin layers to cover surface imperfections on vertical concrete or masonry surfaces prior to the application of Emer-Clad Facade. It can be applied to infill surface imperfections up to 3mm thickness.

Emer-Clad Preparation Skim Coat TDS

Emer-Clad Preparation Skim Coat SDS (AUS)


Emer-Clad Primer WB 

Water based primer for porous surfaces. Provides an even non absorbent substrate over which Emer-Clad Facade can be applied.

Suitable for a wide range of porous surfaces such as concrete, masonry, brick, cement sheeting, blueboard and plywood.

Emer-Clad Primer WB TDS

Emer-Clad Primer WB SDS (AUS)


Emer-Clad Primer SB

Penetrating, solvent based, clear masonry and concrete primer.

  • Provides excellent penetrating properties on porous substrates
  • Suitable for aged and weathered paintwork
  • Ideal for flaky masonry surfaces
  • Seals and primes surfaces to provide a sound base for subsequent acrylic coatings
  • Quick drying

Emer-Clad Primer SB TDS

Emer-Clad Primer SB SDS (AUS)


Emer-Clad Primer NP

A water based primer for non porous surfaces such as galvanised iron, steel, zincalume and PVC.

  • Provides protection against corrosion
  • Quick drying and low VOC
  • Non flammable and free of hazardous odours
  • Can be applied in high humidity

Emer-Clad Primer NP TDS

Emer-Clad Primer NP SDS (AUS)


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Emer-Clad Facade

Emer-Clad Facade, is highly flexible and has excellent resistance to aggressive elements including UV, weathering, chloride ion and carbonation attack. Emer-Clad Facade is suitable for application to many common substrates including concrete, render, masonry, fibrous cement products, metals and timber. Some special priming may be required.

Emer-Clad Facade can be tinted to any Dulux colour from the following Matt & Satin bases:

  • White     
  • Deep Base
  • Ultra Deep Base
  • Extra Bright Base 

Emer-Clad Facade TDS

Emer-Clad Facade Matt SDS (AUS)

Emer-Clad Facade Satin SDS (AUS)


Emer-Clad Fabric Reinforcing Tape

Non woven fabric designed for use with liquid membrane and high build coating products for enhancing reinforcement, tensile strength and uniform layers in liquid membrane applications. Suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications, the tape displays outstanding workability and provides excellent rupture and rot resistance.

Emer-Clad Fabric Reinforcing Tape TDS


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Emer-Seal Joint Sealant Paintable

UV resistant paintable joint sealant based on silyl modified polymer technology. 

For sealing joints in concrete based materials, cladding panels, bricks, timber, metal and alumnimium

  • Paintable with waterbased coatings
  • +/-25% joint movement
  • Non staining and isocyanate free
  • Superior UV and weathering resistance
  • Available in Grey

Emer-Seal Joint Sealant Paintable TDS

Emer-Seal Joint Sealant Paintable SDS (AUS)


Emer-Seal PU 25

High performance, flexible, one-component, polyurethane joint sealant for sealing joints in concrete panels, fibrous cement products, external cladding panels, blockwork and brickwork. Also suitable for sealing joints around aluminium and timber door and window frames and between metal. And suitable for sealing sawn joints up to 10 mm wide in concrete floors and pavements. 

  • Available in Concrete Grey

Emer-Seal PU25 TDS

Emer-Seal PU25 SDS (AUS)

Emer-Seal PU25 Spec Clause


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Emer Brochures

Emer Decorative & Coating System Brochure


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