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EdenCrete® Carbon Concrete Additive

Tougher Stronger Concrete

Harness the increased durability of EdenCrete carbon nanotubes for your next concrete pour.

Developed by Eden Innovations LLC, EdenCrete is a carbon nanotube-enriched liquid additive that can elevate concrete structures to new levels of strength and toughness. It can boost surface abrasion resistance and produces extremely low permeability while improving strength properties (i.e., compressive, flexural, and split-tensile) like no other product on the market today.

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EdenCrete HC™ - High Concentrate

Enhances strength and durability, reduces permeability

EdenCrete HC is a carbon-enriched, liquid additive which can improve the strength, durability, and ductility of concrete. EdenCrete HC can enhance the performance of your existing concrete mix design to provide elevated levels of strength and resistance to abrasion, while reducing shrinkage cracking and permeability. Carbon nanotubes used in EdenCrete HC create enhanced bonds at the interfacial transition zone between the cement paste and the aggregate, resulting in superior pullout capacity and greater aggregate fracture when failure is reached (i.e. the aggregate breaks before the concrete does).

EdenCrete HC TDS    EdenCrete HC SDS


EdenCrete Pz™ - Pozzolanic Mixes

Increases cement efficiency, optimises pozzolanic mixes

EdenCrete Pz improves the performance of concrete mixes having high pozzolans (i.e. fly ash, slag, silica fume). Elevated levels of pozzolan replacement can hinder early strength development. EdenCrete Pz is used to reduce this effect and boost hardened properties.

EdenCrete Pz TDS     EdenCrete Pz SDS


Safety Information

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For more information about EdenCrete please contact us on 0800 657 156.


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