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Nitomortar EL-HB

Nitomortar EL-HB

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Hand-applied, trowel finished, high build, chemical and abrasion resistant epoxy repair mortar system (5 mm to 50 mm thickness).

Nitomortar EL - HB is a three component system consisting of epoxy resins without solvents and a special blend of chemical resistant fillers. When mixed, Nitomortar EL - HB has a thixotropic consistency for easy hand placement, prior to finishing the surface of the application with a trowel. Nitomortar EL - HB is simple and cost effective for overhead, vertical, horizontal patching and resurfacing to both dry and damp surfaces. The low odour, non-sag, and chemical resistant properties of Nitomortar EL - HB make the ideal material for long lasting concrete rehabilitation.Nitomortar EL - HB can be used in brick, block and precast concrete manholes. Nitomortar EL - HB provides a permanent impermeable, high strength, monolithic lining to the interior of manhole walls. A sprayable version of this product, Nitomortar ELS, is also available.

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