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Concrete Plus Ltd
FOSROC EdenCrete Flextool Dulux AVISTA EMER

Technical Data/SDS

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Aegis MSP
Bond Breaker Tape
Builders Film
Cemtop GP Advanced
Cemtop XD
Circular Spacers
Combination Bar Chairs
Conbextra BB92
Conbextra C (NZ)
Conbextra CB
Conbextra Cementitious Grouts Application Guide
Conbextra Deep Pour
Conbextra EP10
Conbextra EP120
Conbextra EP300 DP
Conbextra EP65 Plus
Conbextra EP935
Conbextra Epoxy Grout Application Guide
Conbextra GP
Conbextra Grout Aggregate
Conbextra HES
Conbextra HF
Conbextra HS
Conbextra TA
Conbextra UW
Concrete Fibre Spacers - Bar
Concrete Fibre Spacers - Single
Concrete Plus S FC Epoxy Grout
Concure A99
Concure AV
Concure B90
Concure CR
Concure HR90
Concure P
Concure WB30
Concure X90
Conduit and Cones
Confoot Ferrules
Conlift Aluminium Conditioner
Conlift Aluminium Seasoner
Conlift Bond Breaker Water Based
Conlift Grout
Conlift Patch
Conlift Solvent Based Precast Steel Form Release
Conseal CS231
Construction Grout
Conwrap HD
Dekguard Clear
Dekguard E2000
Dekguard Elastic
Dekguard Primer
Dekguard S
Diamond Dowels
Double Ended Ferrules
Dowel Cradles
Duraflex FC
Durafloor Colour Pack
Durafloor FC
Durafloor Grit Medium
Durafloor HP
Durafloor Levelbase
Durafloor Leveltop
Durafloor Leveltop Rapid
Durafloor SL
Earth Shield TPV-TPER
Edgelift Anchors
Edgelift Clutches
Emer-Acrylic Sealer
Emer-Clad Fabric Reinforcing Tape
Emer-Clad Facade
Emer-Clad Primer NP
Emer-Clad Primer SB
Emer-Clad Primer WB
Emer-Coat Clear Sealer
Emer-Gard Primer Type 2
Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Landscape
Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Vapour Control
Emer-Proof EJB Tape
Emer-Proof Geotex
Emer-Proof HD
Emer-Proof HDPE
Emer-Proof Self Adhesive Primer
Emer-Proof Tilebond Flex
Emer-Seal 200
Emer-Seal Construction Silicone
Emer-Seal Construction Silicone HM FC
Emer-Seal CR
Emer-Seal MS
Emer-Seal PU25
Emer-Seal PU40
Emer-Seal Roadseal
Emer-Seal Roadseal SL
Emer-Stop Creme
Emer-Stop S100N
Expandafoam Closed Cell
Expandafoam Open Cell
Expoband F
Eye Anchors
Ferrule Support Chairs
Flamex One
Flamex PU
Flamex XT
Foot Anchors
Foot and Eye Anchor Clutches
Form Release Agent
Fosroc Mulseal Plus
Galvanode DAS
Galvanode DAS Marine
Galvashield CC
Galvashield Fusion T2
Galvashield LJ
Galvashield XP Range
Guncrete E
Hilastic 44
Hilastic 66
Hilastic 88
Hydrocor Corkjoint Type 3 - Type 106
Index Autotene Asfaltico EP
Index Torch on Accessories
Intersection Chairs
Metal Dowel Covers
Nitobond AR
Nitobond EP
Nitobond HAR
Nitobond SBR
Nitocote EP405
Nitocote EP410
Nitocote EP500
Nitocote SN502
Nitocote SN508 Creme
Nitocote SN511
Nitofill Accelerator
Nitofill LV
Nitofill Mechanical Packers
Nitofill PU130
Nitofill PU150
Nitoflor Anti-Slip Grains
Nitoflor Anti-Slip Grains 01
Nitoflor Anti-Slip Grains 02
Nitoflor Anti-Slip Grains 11
Nitoflor Anti-Slip Grains 31
Nitoflor Colour Pot
Nitoflor FC100
Nitoflor FC130
Nitoflor FC150 HP
Nitoflor FC150 HP-FC
Nitoflor HD
Nitoflor HD-S System
Nitoflor Medium Grit
Nitoflor N (Novolac)
Nitoflor PU200
Nitoflor PU600
Nitoflor Sicaltop
Nitoflor SL
Nitoflor SLX
Nitomortar 903
Nitomortar 908
Nitomortar AP
Nitomortar BH
Nitomortar EL
Nitomortar EL-HB
Nitomortar F4 Fillers
Nitomortar UA

Privacy Collection Statement

Concrete Plus Limited (NZBN 9429033691282) ("Concrete Plus") is a is a wholly owned subsidiary of DuluxGroup Limited. The terms "we", "us", "our" refer to the company and any of our affiliated companies.

Your privacy is important to us: Concrete Plus will use the information you submit and may disclose it to third parties to respond to your enquiry. Concrete Plus (and its marketing and communications agencies on its behalf) may also use your name and contact details to send you information for these purposes. Concrete Plus may disclose the information to contractors, market research organisations, marketing and communications agencies and related bodies corporate for this purpose. If you do not provide the personal information requested, we will not be able to fulfil your request. We may also exchange your personal information with other related companies and our service providers, such as delivery companies and technology providers.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy, available on our website (www.concreteplus.co.nz/privacy-policy/) or on request. It contains further details about: (i) the personal information we collect; (ii) what we do with it; (iii) where we send it; (iv) how you can access and correct it; (v) how you can lodge a privacy complaint regarding the handling of your personal information; (vi) how we handle those complaints; (vii) online privacy; and (viii) the types of service providers we use.

If you have any questions regarding the way Concrete Plus handles your personal information or wish to seek access to, or correct, personal information we hold about you, please contact our Privacy Officer via privacy@duluxgroup.com.au or call +613 9263 5678.